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Die gute Energie im Matrusaden…
… dürfen wir auch im neuen Jahr erleben, geniessen, uns davon stärken lassen. Das ist herrlich, liebe Sheela und ich bin so froh, dass es Euch gibt. Ihr tut meiner Mutter und mir so gut und die Begenungen sind eine grosse Bereicherung. Es ist tut einfach gut zu sehen, wie unkompliziert und offen und einzigartig Ihr seid und wie sehr den Bewohnern das Leben im Matrusaden gut tut. Zum neuen Jahr die besten Wünsche und alles Liebe – Dagmar
Peter Michel
Sheila, we just had this week a second preparation presentation for our new project. So things are going into the right direction. All the best and let s stay in contact I wish I could fill the air and the environment of Matrusaden in bottles and having them delivered on a weekly basis:) All the best Peter
Peter Michel
Visit from Germany
Sheila and Team, thanks for the time last monday for the insight and the věry friendly and open communication. The atmosphere the voice and the emotions were very impressive. Having lost my wife this year by cancer I do search for positive energy and power to go on. Having seen you and your team this is very encouraging and good to see. We do now next steps of our project. All the best and take care Peter Michel
Thanks 🙂
I want to point out my respect for your kind-heartedness giving support to those people that really want guidance on this situation. Your real dedication to passing the solution all over became astonishingly beneficial and has all the time helped most people just like me to attain their aims. Your own valuable suggestions implies a whole lot a person like me and further more to my colleagues. Best wishes; from all of us.
Ma Prem Archan
Beloved Sheela, I have written a piece for the Viha connection which I entitled, “The Glory of Rajneeshpuram.” In it I say that because an enormous amount of aggressive energy is necessary for enlightenment Osho provided that for his female disciples by creating the commune in Oregon. This lack of aggressive energy is why so few women have ever become enlightened. I say that you were the catalyst which enabled that to happen there. I credit you with doing so much to aid in this preparation for enlightenment, especially my own. I have always loved you, Sheela for the way you emboldened and empowered me. Without that, I know I could never have reached the place where I now thrive. I hope you read my article and understand it. Love, Archan
Anand Zen
Thank You
Thank You Sheela, for writing the book ‘Don’t Kill Him’ that cleared all the air about the Oregon Commune. I am relatively new to Osho’s teachings, but i love them. I appreciate the work you are currently doing, the work you did in Oregon and your love for Osho. I would love to meet you one day, i don’t know when existence will allow that, but it will for my desire is sincere. Love You. I wish i could meet Osho as well, but …… Thanks Sheela. I hope the administrators of this website reach this message to you. Anand Zen Mumbai, India
Dagmar Meyer
Liebe Sheela Es ist einfach wunderbar zu sehen, was Ihr – Du und Dein Team – vollbringt. Du hast so eine wunderbare Energie, bist unerschrocken und hast einen unendlich grossen Erfahrungs- und Ideenschatz, wenn es darum geht, das Wohlergehen Eurer Bewohner zu fördern. Ihr bietet Ihnen ein herzliches und gesundes Daheim, ermöglicht ihnen, sich aufgehoben und wohl zu fühlen. Ihr grenzt niemanden aus, seid herzlich und offen, ermöglicht und fördert den Kontakt mit anderen Menschen auf eine Art und Weise, die einzigartig ist. Danke, dass meine Mutter bei Euch so willkommen ist und auch ich mich bei den häufigen Besuchen immer so wohl fühle!
Beloved Sheela, Love. Blessings on the Work. You are doing well. Hugs. Jagruti
Liebe, Respekt und Mitgefühl
Liebe leben, das ist Eure Kunst. Danke für die schöne Zeit (-:
Beloved maa, your work with these people really work for humanity, your dedication towards them highly appreciated.we always salute ur work.
Naresh Patel
Great Human service
Hi Sheela, I appreciate your service to humanity and I am proud of you as elder sister.Please keep it up.
Mein Weg fürht mich auf diese Internetseite
Hallo Team und BewohnerInnen, der wunderschönen Wohngemeinschaft in Maisprach Sie haben eine sehr ansprechende Internetseite, es muss schön sein für Sie zu Arbeiten, ich sehe/ spühre mein Entwicklungspotenial aufblühen. Liebe Grüsse Beatrice Mosimann
18-04-2011 Congratz
What started so small with three people and a rabbit became a wonderful institution. Congratulations. I still often think about the old times and the things you taught me. Urs
01-01-2011 Friends
You are doing something very commendable. We are all very inspired by your activities. We are quite confident that your inner strength will help you navigate the recent bumps with fortitude. All the best.
Dear Sheela, the work yo do is certainly amazing. I want to express my sincere compliments especially after you have publically shared your perspective of the events happened earlier in your life. Hope you read this and there may be a chance to establish a communication. Thank You – very much